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Jen C
CST saved our breastfeeding relationship I brought my seven week old daughter to see Evelyn for CST. My daughter had just had her lip tie released but was still having trouble latching. Breastfeeding was SO painful, when we were even successful at doing it. Oftentimes my daughter would straight up refuse to latch, and when she did I would be crying in pain and trying not to yell and scare her. After one session with Evelyn, which was very calming and enjoyable for my daughter, we are doing so much better! My daughter will now latch every time and breastfeeding is pain free. I highly recommend Evelyn, her work saved our breastfeeding relationship when I was about to give up!
No more postpartum anxiety! I visited Evelyn for three sessions of transformational mentoring and cranial sacral therapy, and wow what a difference! The crippling anxiety I was experiencing was reduced to something completely manageable in such a short time! The mentoring was so insightful. I was able to work through the causes of the anxiety. The CST helped me to relax and let go of all the stress. After each session I felt a peace and a clarity that were rejuvenating. If you are experiencing anxiety I highly recommend you schedule a session with Evelyn!
Patricia U.
release of stress and tension I recently had a CranioSacral Therapy session with Evelyn.  During the hour session I experienced a deep inner peace and gradually felt the release of stress and tension throughout my entire being.   Evelyn is a calm, compassionate and skilled practitioner. Her office is womb like, extremely comfortable and a secure place to seek nourishment for the mind, body and soul.
fantastic results for rebalancing hormones! My CST experience with Evelyn was amazing! I am so much more balanced now and am having my period again, which is what I was hoping for. Thank you!
Headache and backache gone! The headache and back ache I was feeling before my CranioSacral session with Evelyn last week was GONE before our session ended smile emoticon thank you for the work you do Evelyn.
CranioSacral Therapy & Mentoring Evelyn Ojeda-Fox has been such a blessing in my life! After only one session with her, I felt amazing for days and I scheduled appointments for the rest of the month! I wasn’t sure what CranioSacral therapy would do to help me, but the sessions are so lovely and calming and released a lot of physical tension. Evelyn’s wisdom and skill in this therapy and personal mentoring is undeniable. She is clearly intuitive with her work and guidance, and speaks to exactly where I am at in my life. I would easily recommend her services to any woman who desires additional kindhearted expert support on any level to heal, relax, and make positive changes.
An experience, not just a service
Evelyn doesn't just provide service, she provides an experience. I have been the lucky recipient of her cranio-sacral therapy. Evelyn holds the space for you to find your "inner physician." Her calm presence, mindful use of language, and intentional touch set her apart from your traditional massage therapist. I highly recommend a session of any kind with this lovely lady.

I'd also like to add how beautiful her location is! Walking into her office is peaceful all on its own...

Meridith G
Cranial Sacral Therapy It was an absolute treat for me to receive a session from Evelyn. She not only has amazing hands but her intuition truly guides her work. Everything I experienced was peaceful and full of purpose. I left feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and empowered. I recommend her cranial sessions to anyone!
Heather E
Helpful after Miscarriage I came to Evelyn for cranial sacral therapy after I experienced a early miscarriage. I had never had cranial sacral therapy before so I didnt know what you expect. Evelyn was so kind and explained exactly how it would work. After the session, how I felt was surreal. I felt more relaxed and at peace than I did before the session. It was really amazing! Thank you again Evelyn!
Amazing CranioSacral Session CST with Evelyn is indescribable: amazing falls short to how I felt when we were finished with the session. Her love & her compassion irradiate from her eyes the moment I walked in and lasted throughout. She listened attentively as she assessed my needs. The care she has for all sessions I have always had is amazing- you can really feel her energy & her presence: fully engaged & compassionate with her art/gift. Being on her table is just one of the magical transformational experiences for me: I leave with a sense of peace, balance, and relaxation. As well as with that little drop of universal assurance that no matter what, “it’s all gonna be ok!” :) I feel so blessed to have her close in our community!
Megan Nguyen
Amazing CranioSacral Session! I am due any day now with my second baby, and I had a lot of tension and many fears surrounding my upcoming birth. During and after my session with Evelyn, I can honestly say I have never felt so relaxed and in tune with my body. It was like a weight was lifted off. I was able to clear my mind and focus on her healing touch, envisioning my birth and holding my baby boy! It was an amazing experience, and I will definitely be going back soon! Thank you Evelyn for supporting women in our community!
Much more than a prenatal massage!
The word massage does no justice for the healing power that Evelyn's hands possess.

After my horrible experience earlier this week with another "pre-natal" massage, I found comfort and healing with Evelyn. 

This woman is very soothing, sweet and inviting. You feel the warmth of her soul from the moment you meet her. 

She's located in an office complex where the space is shared with other holistic providers. 

Her room is relaxing and well appointed. She, herself, has a tender touch about her and you can't help but find yourself relaxed when around her. 

My massage was so much more. She stretched me, used hot stones on me, worked on the areas that my pregnant self holds most of my tension and overall healed my entire self. 

Her table is extremely comfortable with tons of pillows and wedges to prop your belly up. I actually caught myself dozing off at certain points. 

She was so incredibly healing that I bought a package of 5 and basically received one massage for free. Definitely a great dealing considering I was already planning my next visit before I even left the table. 

I was talking with her at the end and this woman had quite the work experience. She was a teacher for 20 years to young elementary students. She then became a yoga instructor, a doula, a message therapist and now an overall healer. She's pretty awesome and She is a god send.
Birth Story Healing Had a beautiful, healing experience at a workshop tonight with the incredible Evelyn Ojeda-Fox. I'm feeling a sense of peace and clarity that I didn't know I could have after 5 years. Thank you, Evelyn, for leading me through. ♥ I'll never forget it.
Best Prenatal Massage!
Had an AMAZING massage tonight, complete with a rainbow in the sky as I left her beautiful new space. I can't say it enough, Evelyn gives the best, most healing and loving prenatal massages. It's bliss- complete with massage, reiki, craniosacral therapy and hot stones. Her loving touch and presence helps me relax so easily- it was such great preparation for Reese's birth... and is now for Hudson's birth.
Healing CranioSacral treatment My body feels wonderful today, Evelyn. Thank you for the healing Cranial Sacral treatment. The energy pulses up my back have released something that was heavy on my spirit. ~Lisa, LMT
Erin B
Calming This was an amazing experience! I've always been curious about craniosacral therapy, and I finally did it. Evelyn is amazing and the whole experience was so so calming. I never knew how tight my craniosacral system was until we were done. I feel so much better! I will be doing that again :-) everyone should do this
Evelyn is a great resource Evelyn made it possible for me to claim the birth that I dreamed of. She is a resource I will be eternally grateful for. 
Amazing Healer Evelyn is an amazing healer, a wonderful asset to the birth & parenting community. 
Great Preparation for Giving Birth
Evelyn is absolutely amazing in everything she does concerning pregnant women and preparing them in their upcoming journey into motherhood. Her prenatal massages were absolutely amazing and really helped me connect with myself and my unborn baby. The way she effortlessly teaches how to relax and just let your body be carried over into both my home-birthing experiences. I cannot say enough good things about Evelyn's gentle hands and huge heart.
A lot more than just prenatal massage Words can't describe how amazing Evelyn is! She did my prenatal massage during both of my pregnancies which was my relief for discomfort and body aches caused by pregnancy as well as stress at work. But beyond that, Evelyn was my mentor and gave emotional support. She provided me with a wealth of resources for healthy pregnancy and birth as well as put me in touch with other new and expectant moms.
Breastfeeding Success with CST! Many thanks to Evelyn, my friend the amazing doula with the magic touch! I swear you must have sprinkled some pixie dust. After days on end with issues breastfeeding, it took her only minutes to have my little guy guzzling. And we’ve been able to duplicate sucessful results time and time again tonight! I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders! Life is so good!” ~Alicia, mom to newborn Max
Birth Story Session Allowed Me to Move Forward I love Evelyn! My birth processing session with her was transformational! It allowed me to let go of past pain and move forward in an empowered way! I highly recommend it to new and seasoned mamas.
CST removed mental blocks for my VBAC The CST session helped remove mental blocks that were keeping me from going into labor. During the session I realized I had to let go and know that my son was going to be fine after the birth of the new baby. I didn’t even know that was a block until the CST with Evelyn.” ~Susan, VBAC mom 2 weeks pass her EDD
Courtney H
Prenatal Massage I received a prenatal massage with Evelyn as a gift from my sister. It was the best gift I could ever receive! She was very gentle and calming